Up The Lane for new book about Penicuik church

The team behind the project at the celebratory lunch to launch the book.
The team behind the project at the celebratory lunch to launch the book.

Parishioners at St James the Less Episcopal Church in Penicuik have released a new book based on interviews with the townspeople.

‘Up The Lane’ describes the life of the church and its place in the community, both local and further afield. Along the way it gives an overview of recent developments in the church’s history.

Georgina Phillips, project manager/editor, said: “It’s been a busy time for the folk at St James the Less. In October we welcomed our new Rector, Revd Nick Bowry, and at the start of December we celebrated the publication of our very own book.

“‘Up the Lane: Voices from the family of St James the Less Scottish Episcopal church, Penicuik’ is the outcome of interviews carried out by Penicuik Oral History Resource a few years ago.

“Once it was decided that the interview material should be made accessible, we started along the long road to publication.

“Many hours were spent in transcribing the interviews, which were then used to produce a miscellany of themed personal reminiscences interwoven with humour.

“Carefully selected photos of historic and recent interest complement the text.

“Dip in as you will, and please enjoy your time spent with the friendly, supportive family of St James the Less, Penicuik. We are, indeed, still up the lane!

“In time for Christmas, this makes an ideal present for anyone interested in Penicuik local history, and the many facets of church history.”

Priced £10, copies are available from the church in Broomhill Road, from Penicuik Library, Pen-y-Coe Press, and Whitie’s Bookshop in Pennel’s Close, Peebles.

Further enquiries to phillg13@toucansurf.com.