Views from the Pews - Jesus can meet our deepest needs

Penicuik Baptist Church
Penicuik Baptist Church

What are you looking for? In the Gospel of John we read about Jesus asking two men that question, writes David Shedden (Penicuik Baptist Church).

Soon they became his followers. Eventually they became his workers. The way of life they discovered through Jesus changed everything in their lives. And – slowly but surely – the way of Jesus is changing the whole world.

The Gospel of John is all about Jesus, the word of God. That means Jesus is God’s way of communicating to the world. But if Jesus is the word of God, how do we know anything about Jesus?

We know about Jesus because of the testimony of his followers. In the New Testament we have a record of what the first followers of Jesus knew about him. We learn about Jesus from people who knew him.

Even in our age of digital technology and DNA evidence, court cases still hear witnesses testify about what they know to be true. The witness of the New Testament is clear. Look at Jesus. Learn about Jesus. He is what you are looking for. Do you see the connection? The New Testament does not simply identify Jesus. It declares that Jesus can meet our deepest needs.

Jesus invited the two men to discover a new way of life. He invited them to “come and see” what it meant to follow him.

Perhaps you worry about whether you have faith. You know people who talk about Christian faith, how wonderful and important it is. But you worry because you do not know what is meant by faith. Almost every discussion about faith misses the point. The point is that we look to Jesus. The point is that we come and see Jesus. Even if we are not sure that Jesus is what we are looking for at all.

Because even the sceptic can learn. A man called Nathanael did not think Jesus was for him. “How can this man be the one?” “Come and see,” was the reply. Nathanael met Jesus. And his life was changed forever.

What are you looking for? Is it time for you to meet Jesus?