Views from the Pews - Look to God to find your inner strength

Bonnyrigg Parish Church
Bonnyrigg Parish Church

The post Easter story now gathers pace as news of the resurrection of Jesus begins to circulate, writes Rev John Mitchell (Bonnyrigg Parish Church).

Many questions were no doubt being asked: how could this be? Paring away the doubts of many it was a fact waiting to happen. God had promised the coming of a Messiah andHe held to that promise. Good Friday to many was the end of a failed individual but much that Jesus forecast Him being raised to life it simply didn’t register.

Now, we have the events of the empty tomb where death had been overcome. And that is central to the Good News that is central to the Christian faith. It also remains a challenge to many who try to make sense of what happened, but rather than go down that route it only begins to make sense when approached by the gift of faith. Faith in anything means supporting the cause whatever that may be. In this instance it is faith in God. This then becomes an experience that allows God to become our guide and strength.

The message that the disciples were commissioned to share was to be one full of hope in times if despair. And when we take a view of the world as I write it is a precarious picture. Tensions running high in so many different ways: people with little hope, many who have so far never known hope in their lifetime. The pictures beamed into our living rooms on a daily basis speak for themselves, leaving us feeling helpless.

However, by faith, we can continue to promote what we can do and that is by the act of prayer. Jesus’ life was sustained by this practical way of communicating with God and it is worth noting He often headed off to find a quiet spot as he faced his own troubles.

Both faith and prayer lead to a deepening of the relationship with God. And it is to be commended to anyone who is looking for that inner strength to remember the events of Easter day and then find that God was with you all along.