Views from the Pres - Do you realise what treasure you have?

The Free Baptist Church meets in Loanhead Miners' Community Centre.
The Free Baptist Church meets in Loanhead Miners' Community Centre.

Perhaps you saw in the news recently that a woman who bought a “costume jewelry” ring for £10 at a car boot sale 30 years ago, has now sold that diamond ring at auction for £650,000, writes Ben Shore, pastor at Loanhead Free Baptist Church.

She had worn it daily not realizing that it was real and incredibly valuable.

If you are like me, you may have had a quick inspection of your boot sale purchases hoping for a similar find. It would be amazing to find that you possessed a treasure hidden in the open in your own home!

It would be sad if someone with a treasure like that died in poverty not knowing what they had. Sadder still would be those who were told that they indeed had a treasure but had died in unbelief of what they possessed.

There is a treasure found in most Scottish homes which is more valuable than this lady’s diamond ring. Many have been told about it but refuse to believe that it has immense value.

That treasure, a Book given to us by our Creator, gives us an understanding of Who He is and how we can rightly relate to Him.

It tells us of our sin and of the punishment for our sin. It also speaks freely of God’s love which allowed Him to put His son to death on Calvary’s cross for our sin. God wrote in this Book about His offer to give us the gift of eternal life by faith in Jesus.

Let us imagine that some well meaning friends may have said to the woman with the ring some statements of unbelief. Perhaps saying, “How could a diamond ring end up at a car boot sale?”

“That is way too big to be a real diamond!” “If you go and ask a jeweler, you are just going to embarrass yourself.”

Any of these statements would have been wrong and may have kept the owner from discovering her treasure.

I wonder how many people never find the treasure of the Bible because of statements like, “How could a Creator create in six days?” “That story is way too fantastic to be real!” “If you try to find out about God, you are just going to embarrass yourself.”

Those who follow these statements of unbelief, could be kept from the greatest of all treasures and die never realizing what they had.