Villagers in Pathhead have Christmas in the box

Sound Lounge taking part in Pathhead's Advent in the Box.
Sound Lounge taking part in Pathhead's Advent in the Box.

Villagers in Pathhead are using the recently acquired former local phonebox to create a series of advent videos in the run-up to Christmas.

In a great show of community spirit, individuals, local groups and organisations have recorded short video messages to be played each day.

Those taking part include comedian Eric Davidson, Pathhead Community Gardeners, Tynewater Parent Council and Pathhead Players.

Jenny Gardner from Pathhead Community Association, which has co-ordinated ‘Advent in the Box, said: “I kept bumping into Eric Davidson and we were sharing ideas about the phonebox. I love the idea of it being a tardis or the smallest venue in the world. And the pair of us came up with the idea of having it as a place where all the groups in the village can do whatever on each day of the advent.

“It’s worked really well. We have had toddlers, the beavers, everyone in to do a wee happy Christmas song or whatever they fancied doing.

“They are rolling in. Initially it was a bit slow, people maybe thought it was a mad idea. But the interest grew once the first one went up.

“It’s just a bit of fun at Christmas. It’s great. There is a bit of a buzz on the street.”

You can watch the advent messages, added to daily, at

Pathhead Community Association acquired the phonebox, which has been helping villagers pass stuff on.

Jenny said: “We have been using it as a kind of a depot for caring and sharing. If anybody has anything they don’t need anymore they bring it along to the phonebox and leave a message on our Facebook page.

“Anyone who wants that item can then come along and pick it up from the phonebox.”