Wellbeing fund’s huge boost for charity

Scottish Huntington's Association
Scottish Huntington's Association

A service which eases financial stress for people in Lothian with Huntington’s disease (HD), has been given a £340,000 boost.

Scottish Huntington’s Association (SHA) has secured the cash from a variety of sources to run its Financial Wellbeing Service for another three years.

The service helps people with HD through the complex world of personal and family financial planning. Over the past four years they have helped secure £2.5 million in extra income - more than £2500 per family every year.

HA chief executive, John Eden said: “The debilitating nature of HD means that people’s working lives are cut short leaving them relying on a variety of benefits. This means as well as having a life shortening condition, 67 per cent of families affected by HD also exist on income below the national average and 33 per cent live below the poverty line.

“This service is proving vital in helping families in Lothian take the stress out of trying to negotiate the benefits system and get people what they are entitled to.”

It is estimated there are around 1100 people with HD in Scotland and up to 6000 potentially at risk.