Who gets your vote in the Midlothian West by-election?

Midlothian Council's HQ
Midlothian Council's HQ

The electorate in part of Midlothian returns to the polling stations tomorrow (Thursday) to elect a new Midlothian councillor.

Six candidates are seeking the support of voters in the Midlothian West ward. Voting will be counted by single transferrable vote.

The six are - Jane Davidson (Lib Dem), Daya Feldwick (Green), Ian Miller (Lab), Kelly Parry (SNP), David Tedford (Ind) and Pauline Winchester (Con).

The count will take place on Friday at Ladywood Leisure Centre, Penicuik, with the result expected mid-afternoon.

The by-election was called after Owen Thompson stepped down from the local authority after winning the Midlothian seat at the General Election in May.

2012 Midlothian West results (after the seven-stage count) - Andrew Coventry (SNP). Russell Imrie (Lab), Owen Thompson (SNP). 
Total number of votes, 4389. Total number of valid votes, 4335.