Perez tackles mystery on the ferry


Friday, January 15

Shetland (BBC One, 9pm)

DI Jimmy Perez investigates the disappearance of a man during an overnight ferry crossing from the mainland.

When a young boy is later poisoned by a bag of pills washed up on the beach, he begins to suspect the two events are connected. He just has to find out how...

Saturday, January 16

The Getaway Car (BBC One, 6.50pm)

The ultimate relationship road test, each episode will feature five couples going head to head in an action-packed competition as they take on a series of challenges.

Their driving skills, general knowledge and above all their relationships will be put to the test over four rounds that will ultimately determine which couple will reach the final round, The Getaway Chase, in which they will go helmet-to-helmet with the legend that is Top Gear’s The Stig for a cash prize.

Sunday, January 17

War & Peace (BBC One, 9pm)

Pierre fights a duel that sends his life in a surprising new direction.

At the Rostov house, Natasha and Sonya receive unexpected proposals – and Nikolai makes a mistake with disastrous consequences for his family.