Peter Boyes resigns from Midlothian Labour group

Former Labour councillor Peter Boyes
Former Labour councillor Peter Boyes

Councillor Peter Boyes resigned from the Labour group this week. If follows his decision to vote with the SNP on the replacement Newbattle High School in June.

The Midlothian East councillor for Easthouses had been a Labour Party member for more than 30 years.

As news broke on Tuesday morning, the Advertiser was unable to speak to Councillor Boyes for a comment.

Mayfield Community Council chairman Robert Hogg admired former council head of education
Mr Boyes’ stance.

He said: “That will be his lasting legacy, that he helped push through the vote for Newbattle.

“He knew more than anyone what a new school would do to the area.

“I admired him for going against his colleagues to vote for what he thought was best for the community.”

Derek Milligan, leader of the Labour group on Midlothian Council, believes Councillor Boyes had “let down local communities” by voting with the SNP.

Full story in this week’s Advertiser (August 15 edition) plus more next week.

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