Piers peers into Alesha’s life


Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Alesha Dixon (Friday, August 5, ITV, 9pm)

What’s It All About? Piers Morgan, now arguably more successful as a chat show host than he ever was as the editor of the Daily Mirror, returns for a new run of his candid interview series.

First up to face the host’s probing questions is singer and Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon, who talks about the many highs and lows of her career in the music industry.

And if anyone knows about the peaks and troughs of the showbiz world, it’s Alesha - after finding fame with Mis-Teeq and as a solo artist, she lost her record contract and found out her husband MC Harvey of So Solid Crew was having an affair, all in the space of a couple of weeks.

More recently, she faced a public backlash after she was named as Arlene Phillips’ replacement as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing, with many people unhappy with Phillips’ dismissal.

Alesha, though, more than proved herself. These days she manages to successfully juggle motherhood with both songwriting and her TV work, which, as she explains to Piers, is not without its challenges.

Look Out For: The host’s probing questions.