Planning victory for action group as new bridge is included in plans

Protesters, pictured in July, opposed plans to direct site traffic through the existing estate.
Protesters, pictured in July, opposed plans to direct site traffic through the existing estate.

The campaign group opposed to plans to build 200 homes in Bonnyrigg has claimed victory after the developers amended their access plans for the site.

The ‘HS10’ development at Dalhousie Mains in Bonnyrigg will now be accessed via a new bridge off Distributor Road instead of through the existing estate, after local residents concerned about the disturbance site work would cause as well as safety fears, came together to fight the plans.

Steve Spratt of the HS10 Action Group is delighted that Walker Homes have taken on board locals’ concerns.

He said: “What a result.

“I really thought we would have a fight on our hands there. But now they have changed their plans and listened to what we wanted.

“We mobilised everybody, almost every house in the area. We had 1,000 responses. I think that’s what cost Walker.

“We set out to get the community together, protect the estate and the safety of the children, and we have won.

“Everyone has worked hard, coming to meetings and spreading the word.

“They have obviously felt there was enough people power protesting that it would be too difficult to get it through.

“It’s a major step in the right direction. “We said that if we could get that road changed that would be what we are after so we have got to consider it a win.”

Pending a few more minor changes Steve said he would be happy to see this latest phase of houses built.

He said: “There is a few other things to iron out, such as broadband speed and access to Baird’s Way.

“They will need to put upgrades for access from Distributor Road. It’s currently only a T-junction, which is busy enough.

“But add a potential 400 cars then it just wouldn’t work. It would need a roundabout or traffic lights.

“We will continue to fight for those issues.

“So we are happy they have agreed to build the bridge, and provided the council put a couple of restrictions in regarding those issues we would be happy to see it approved.”

The Walker Group declined the opportunity to comment when approached by the Advertiser.