Playground vandals say sorry for damage caused

The word 'sorry' written into the sandpit at Danderhall Playgroup, days after the new playground there was vandalised.
The word 'sorry' written into the sandpit at Danderhall Playgroup, days after the new playground there was vandalised.

Vandals have apologised just days after damaging a playgroup’s new £10,000 playground only two months after it was opened.

Danderhall Playgroup’s playground was damaged over the weekend of August 20/21, provoking public outcry. Artificial turf was set on fire, litter was spread around, the children’s bug hotel was smashed to bits, log seating was stolen and the sand pit cover was burnt.

Days later, staff opened up to discover the word ‘sorry’ written in the sand pit.

Despite initial sadness at the vandalism, the playgroup’s manger Claire Todd was sympathetic to those behind the playground damage.

She said: “To be honest we have kind of fixed everything that was broken.

“We came in this morning and somebody had written ‘sorry’ in the sand.

“This has really highlighted that there is nothing for the teenagers to in Danderhall.

“I’m not condoning their actions, but we are going to approach the council about doing something for them.

“As young people are getting annoyed about it.

“This is a really small minority of kids involved. Hopefully this can be beaten before they do more damage.”

Claire revealed that as well as the playgroup, the vandals also targeted the adjoining Danderhall Miners’ Club.

She said: “They had burnt the letters DYT into our artificial grass and trashed the children’s bug hotel. I’m trying to figure out how we can get that fixed.

“And it looked like they had tried to start a fire on the wall outside.

“We had nice wee log tables. One of them is gone.

“We are out the way around here. It’s a prime spot to be vandalised.

“Apparently they had also damaged a gazebo in the miners’ club next door.

“The guys were out bowling and heard them, so chased them off.”

Despite the vandalism, Claire and everyone at Danderhall Playgroup has been touched by the outpouring of generosity from locals.

She said: “Quite a lot of people in the community came forward and asked if they could help.

“I have got a meeting with the police to discuss this, and one of the dads is coming to put CCTV cameras up for free.

“We are hoping that will be a deterrent. And we will speak to the police about patrolling around here more often.”