Pledge given over university research

Roslin Institute based at the Easter Bush Campus
Roslin Institute based at the Easter Bush Campus

Reassurances have been given that EU nationals, including researchers, continue to be welcomed at Scotland’s universities.

The Scottish Government and Universities Scotland have made it clear that they value the contribution of EU researchers to Scottish research as well as the economy, society and culture.

Midlothian is home to a number of Edinburgh University research centres including the world-famous Roslin Institute and the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies at the Easter Bush campus.

Visiting Edinburgh University, Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science Shirley-Anne Somerville made clear that Scotland would remain an active partner in international research programmes and continue to benefit from EU and international funding based on the research excellence that exists across in Scottish universities.

Ms Somerville said: “I do hope that despite Brexit, this reassurance from the government and Universities Scotland goes some way to encourage researchers based in Scotland and their European partners in many collaborative research programmes that Scotland’s universities are well and truly open for business.”

University of Edinburgh Senior Vice-Principal, Professor Charlie Jeffery, added: “Edinburgh is, and always will be, a truly global university, pioneering ground-breaking research that has real-life impact the world over.

“We are committed to maintaining our research and exchange partnerships across Europe, and beyond. Our engagement internationally makes a major contribution to the £2 billion annually the University generates for the Scottish economy.”

The government and universities have pledged to “build on their existing relationships to continue to collaborate with a wide range of European and international partners”.

Almost a quarter of researchers in Scottish universities are from other EU countries and the Scottish Government is looking to protect and maintain Scotland’s existing relationship with the EU.

The government and Universities Scotland have promised to work together using its collective influence in Europe to ensure that it is well understood that Scottish universities remain committed to collaborating with its European partners and to attracting the best international talent.