Police agree to discuss vigilante issue in Newtongrange


Police chiefs have agreed to meet with Newtongrange Community Council to discuss concerns about policing in the village.

The situation came to a head recently when the local group reacted with alarm to plans on social media for people to police their own streets in the evenings as they felt let down by police-amid a perceived rise in low level crime, such as break-ins and vandalism.

Following correspondence from the group to Midlothian South Inspector Michelle Ritchie, both she and local area commander Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson will attend its latest meeting next Tuesday at the Dean Tavern.

Chief Inspector Simpson said: “As local area commander I want to hear their issues and concerns and provide them with assurances of what we are doing.

“I will speak to them about what the new community policing team will be, giving me the opportunity to explain what it will look like when it starts next month.”

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