Police probe suspicious incident at traffic lights

The incident took place on a bridge close to Dalhousie Castle
The incident took place on a bridge close to Dalhousie Castle

A “shaken up” woman contacted police after a man attempted to enter her car while she was stopped at traffic lights in remote countryside.

Barmaid Anna Downs (24) was travelling home at 2am on Thursday, July 23, when the suspect appeared “out of no-where” at a bridge on the B704 near to Dalhousie Castle.

He tried handles on the driver and passenger side doors but was unable to gain access to the car, which drove off south towards Gorebridge.

The man is described as white, in his 30s, with heavy stubble and was wearing a shiny dark waterproof style jacket with the hood up and white trainers.

Inspector John Dryden said: “We were quickly alerted to this incident by the driver and officers carried out searches of the surrounding area but the man was not located. We do not know why he was attempting to gain entry to the car and are keen to speak to anyone who may have seen him in the vicinity beforehand or afterwards.”

Anna posted on Facebook: “While driving home last night I stopped at the lights at Dalhousie castle and a random guy tried to get into my car. Didn’t get a good look at his face as he had a hooded jacket on. Luckily my doors were locked and after realising he couldn’t open my door went to try the passenger side and I quickly drove off. Police have been informed and are doing all they can to investigate. Never been so shaken up and glad I always lock my doors when I get in my car.”