Police promise speeding action in Newtongrange

Newtongrange Community Council chairman Jason Ferry on Main Street, Newtongrange
Newtongrange Community Council chairman Jason Ferry on Main Street, Newtongrange

Police have promised to take action after more concerns were raised with Newtongrange Community Council about speeding in the village.

At the end of June the issue was brought to the attention of Newtongrange Community Council by a member of the public. And at their latest meeting two more local people disagreed with Community Sergeant for Dalkeith, Colin Deans, who told the Advertiser in our July 9 edition that police had “not heard anything” about speeding concerns.

Gregor Dorans said: “I live on fifth Street. Last week there was two cats killed.

“I have got 40 signatures from people who want something done about this. Everyone agrees that a kid is going to be killed there.”

David Zavaroni, who has been campaigning for tighter speed restrictions on Suttislea Road in the village, was also at the meeting.

He said: “I have asked the police and the council what their long-term strategy is for speeding here. But they don’t have one. I travel down that road at the 30mph speed limit and people over take me!”

Community council chairman Jason Ferry said he would liaise with police and Midlothian Council on the issue.

Community Sergeant Colin Deans revealed that he has been made aware of the situation by the community council and calls from the public.

He added: “On the back of that the community policing team and the community action team have been specifically tasked with patrols in the area. We also want to encourage more reporting from the community. We need to know about any speeding incidents.”

A council spokesman said: “We have several speed activated signs in the area, road humps in several streets, a 20mph zone for the school, and are working on plans for 20mph limits at the nursery schools. Recently a new traffic signal junction was installed at the junction of the A7 and Main Street. ”