Political storm over banner claim

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An SNP councillor has rubbished claims that he tried to dupe constituents by posing as a Labour supporter of Independence.

An image posted on facebook – and subsequently published in the national press – claims to show SNP councillors Owen Thompson, Derek Rosie and Andrew Coventry holding a Labour For Independence banner at a recent pro-independence rally in Loanhead.

But Councillor Thompson, who is deputy leader of Midlothian Council, dismissed the claim as “utter nonsense” – insisting that the rally had been attended by members of both the SNP and Labour parties.

He said: “The Labour Party and their Tory chums have chosen to ignore the pictures which included the YES Scotland banner we also had out.”

Midlothian’s Labour MP David Hamilton added: “I am angry that the SNP have been trying to dupe my constituents by pretending to be Labour supporters backing independence. I think local people will be shocked when they find out that the SNP have tried this trick in Midlothian.”

Read full story and our editorial comment in the August 8 edition of the Midlothian Advertiser.

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