Brexit? It’s not over by a long choc!


Midlothian North MSP Colin Beattie has hit back at critics of his Toblerone motion at Holyrood, claiming it highlights the reality of Brexit.

The SNP MSP said his motion to the Scottish Parliament may have been light-hearted – but it was to make a serious point.

Mr Beattie’s motion entitled “Decrease in the weight of the Toblerone Bar”, lamented the chocolate bar’s change of shape.

Claiming it was ”emblematic” of the consequences of Brexit, he called on the UK Government to do something about the new design which has seen larger gaps appear between the chocolate triangles.

This led to derision from Labour, with one party source attacking the MSP as “about as much use as a chocolate teapot”.

Now, the Midlothian North MSP has hit back.

He said: “Some people have taken it as frivolous.

“Yes it was a bit tongue in cheek – for goodness sake it’s about time politicians started taking themselves less seriously.

“This was an opportunity to get a point across but at the same time be a bit light hearted about it.

“Sterling has collapsed, down nearly 20 per cent since Brexit. This affects the cost of imports coming in.

“We will find that Toblerone is the first of many struggling to deal with this change.

“Toblerone is American owned, and sterling against the dollar has not been good.

“So they have to reduce the size of it which they are doing. So you can see their dilemma.

“I’m worried that we will see more and more prices going up. How are people going to cope? Or are we going to see more products downsize?

“The difficulty is once this starts are we going to see a knock-on effect through the whole economy?”

Mr Beattie is worried that the changes to the chocolate bar could just be the start of things to come for people as a consequence of the UK’s vote in June to leave the European Union.

He said: “This might seem trivial but ordinary people have been kicking back against the system. That’s why Donald Trump is president of America, that’s why the Brexit vote took place.

“People are trying to change the system, kicking back at it.

“I said it’s trivial but here we have a big corporate system changing things and it’s systematic of changes happening to people that they have no control over.

“Here we have a big corporation taking a decision on a basic product that many people use and enjoy.

“And it just seems frustrating that this is happening.

“The big one of course is the question of the fall in the value of Sterling, which is a direct consequence of the Brexit vote, as it went in to freefall after Brexit.

“And I don’t expect the UK government to intervene.

“Wait until the basics go up in price. All that fresh produce we import is about to go up.”

A Labour source said: “This took us by surprise – the SNP’s whole mission is greater separation. Even the most sweet toothed of Scottish taxpayers must be wondering if this is the best use of parliamentary time, some might even say Mr Beattie is about as much use as a chocolate teapot.”