Care Inspectorate verdicts baffle Midlothian Council

Lawfield Primary School
Lawfield Primary School

Midlothian Council is to write to the Care Inspectorate after receiving two conflicting reports carried out on the same day.

At last week’s scrutiny meeting councillors were baffled by the findings of two separate Care Inspectorate visits – made on the same day – to the fostering and adoption services, which run as one at Lawfield Primary School (pictured above).

The report on the council’s adoption service graded its quality of care and support “weak” while the fostering service was graded “very good” in the same category.

Councillor Russell Imrie (Lab) said: “It seems to me that there is a question mark about the Care Inspectorate, I can’t believe you get two people from the same department that come in there and say two different things.”

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