Councillor hits back after he is sacked

Independent councillor Peter De Vink.
Independent councillor Peter De Vink.

Independent councillor Peter De Vink has been sacked by the SNP administration over comments he made about the no compulsory redundancy policy at Midlothian Council.

As reported in last week’s Advertiser Cllr De Vink called for an end to the policy in a bid to save money, despite being part of the SNP-led administration that introduced the programme in 2013.

Reacting to his dismissal last week, Cllr De Vink criticised his former counterparts. He said: “I had to endure much criticism and cynicism during my time with them. We had four different leaders who were all sadly short of leadership qualities.

“I am now free to explain how the SNP group consist of mostly financially and commercially dyslexic individuals who are simply not fit and proper to supervise an administration with a £194 million turnover.

“I pity the long suffering officials who are given a ball and chain round their legs all because of political dogma that makes no sense in an council that is expected to grow by 25 per cent in the next 15 years.”

Cllr De Vink said he was “very unlikely” to support Labour in any vote of no confidence in the administration,but reiterated his desire for an end to no compulsory redundancy at Midlothian Council claiming it is “simply not sustainable”.

Elected for Midlothian East in 2012, Cllr De Vink will stand down at next year’s council elections as planned.

A spokesperson for the Midlothian SNP group said: “Cllr De Vink signed an agreement with the Midlothian SNP council group immediately following the 2012 elections, this agreement included collective decision making. The Midlothian SNP group gave a clear manifesto commitment to protecting jobs in Midlothian and are proud of their record in administration.

“We were therefore saddened to hear Cllr De Vink’s comments attacking the hard working employees of the council and calling for an end to the SNP Council group’s manifesto pledge of no compulsory redundancy. As a result of a divergence of opinion which leaves a continued partnership unviable - a decision to end formal coalition was unanimous and effective as of November 8 2016.

“It is unfortunate that in terminating the agreement Cllr De Vink has chosen to resort to personal insults. The SNP group will continue to work hard for Midlothian residents and continue to value the council’s hard working employees.”