Former Midlothian Council worker to stand as Lothian List MSP candidate

A former Midlothian Council worker and the leader of Scotland's Independence Referendum Party, is hoping to become a Lothian List MSP at the forthcoming Scottish Parliament elections.

Friday, 12th March 2021, 6:00 am
Mark R Whittet, Leader of Scotland's Independence Referendum Party

Mark R Whittet wants locals to give him their second vote instead of “wasting it” on the SNP in May .

He said: “In the 2016 elections there were almost 120,000 SNP Vote-2 votes cast, but because of the system every one of these votes was wasted - resulting in zero MSPs for the SNP. Standing on the Lothian 2nd-vote list will allow SNP members to Vote-2 for us, making use of their 2nd-list votes to elect an additional Scots Indy-MSP to Holyrood.

“Scotland’s Independence is far too important to just be left to the SNP alone – so Vote-2 for Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party - we always put #Indy1st."