Independence debate gauntlet is thrown down in Midlothian

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Former Provost Adam Montgomery (Lab) has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging a fellow councillor to a public debate on independence.

Councillor Montgomery’s challenge follows comments by Councillor Peter de Vink (Ind) in last week’s Advertiser.

Councillor de Vink criticised Labour’s decision to miss an upcoming seminar at Midlothian House on the Independence White Paper which he had proposed.

Councillor Montgomery said: “If he is serious about engaging the public I challenge him to a public debate in Midlothian where our constituents can come along and hear the arguments first hand.

“So come on Peter, you called for a seminar behind closed doors, I am calling for a public debate.”

Councillor De Vink said: “I would be delighted to debate with him. I will happily accept his challenge. I’m absolutely thrilled. And I’m delighted that Jo will chair it. I don’t think he has any idea what he has let himself in for.”

Advertiser editor Jo Robinson said: “I’m keen to get involved in holding a public debate and am happy to offer my services, so watch this space.

“As a trusted local newspaper, it’s our job to make sure our readers are as informed as possible. With the impartiality you would expect, we want to present both sides of the independence debate so that people can make up their own minds.”

Read more in this week’s Midlothian Advertiser, out now.