Labour group leader slams Midlothian administration

Derek Milligan
Derek Milligan

Labour group leader Derek Milligan believes the SNP -led council is “out of touch” after agreeing to take on paid political interns.

At the recent full council meeting, the SNP administration agreed to take on graduates, as part of the scheme paid for by cross party think tank CSPP.

Councillor Milligan revealed his party turned down any possible intern.

He added: “People won’t believe how out of touch the SNP are - to cut vital services is bad enough, but then to award yourself a political intern is unbelievable.”

Councillor Owen Thompson (SNP) said: “I’m amazed that the Labour group appear to have completely missed the point of our motion. The adopt an intern programme would provide a positive opportunity to a young person seeking experience. This is not a political appointment.”

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