Lively Advertiser debate on independence in Midlothian

Last night’s lively Advertiser independence debate at McSence Business Park gave the people of Midlothian the chance to hear both sides of the argument.

Independent councillor Peter De Vink led the Yes panel, joined by SNP MSP Colin Beattie and Green councillor Ian Baxter. The No side was fronted by Labour councillor Adam Montgomery, who was backed by fellow Labour councillor Alex Bennet and Labour MSP Neil Findlay.

At the debate, chaired by Advertiser editor Jo Robinson, the panel were asked pre-submitted questions by readers and questions from a packed audience in the McSence Conference Centre.

See the attached video for a summary of the debate and read our comprehensive round-up of the night in next week’s Advertiser.

And the debate over the future of Scotland doesn’t stop now. Send us your questions on independence here and we will ask both camps to provide you with answers.