Midlothian bin review misses ‘bigger picture’

Cleaning Midlothian's streets
Cleaning Midlothian's streets

Councillors have accused officials of missing the “bigger picture” in a street sweeping review put before them at last week’s scrutiny meeting.

As members of Midlothian Council approved more frequent street cleaning and a budget of £60,000 for 300 new bins, they were furious that the overview of the current situation did not take into account those on pathways and in parks.

They questioned why Waste Management, who produced the report, did not work with Land Services who deal with parks and pathways.

Councillor Jim Muirhead (Lab): “I think we do need to look at this piece of work as it sets a good example.

“But as a scrutiny committee we should be looking at as to why the opportunity to look at the bigger picture has been totally missed?

Addressing officers Councillor Derek Milligan (Lab) said: “Councillors are putting forward questions about bins on pathways but you don’t deal with pathways.

“How are we going to take this forward and not hold it up? Dog fouling and litter are two of the main things the public contact us about.”

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