Midlothian candidate willing to jump off a bridge

Kenny Young
Kenny Young

Labour’s candidate for Midlothian has agreed to bungee jump off a bridge to raise money for Midlothian Sure Start if he becomes an MP.

The pledge was made when Councillor Kenny Young took questions from the charity’s dads’ group. All candidates have been invited along to speak with the group.

Councillor Young said:“These young fathers were totally inspirational. Each of them was determined to do the very best for their kids. It was a pleasure to answer their questions about the election and to talk about Labour’s pledges for dads. They asked if I became the MP, whether I would join them in a sponsored bungee jump for their group. I think from time to time everyone wants to throw a politician off a bridge, so I couldn’t refuse them! ”

The other candidates for Midlothian are Isha Amir, Michelle Ballantyne, Ian Baxter, Gordon Norrie and Owen Thompson.