Midlothian Council elections 2017: Bonnyrigg ward

Candidates for the Bonnyrigg ward. Top left to right: Ian Baxter (Green), Louie Milliken (Lab), George McIntyre (Indp). Bottom left to right: Janet Lay-Douglas (Con), Colin Lawrie (SNP), Derek Milligan (Lab), Diane Alexander (SNP)
Candidates for the Bonnyrigg ward. Top left to right: Ian Baxter (Green), Louie Milliken (Lab), George McIntyre (Indp). Bottom left to right: Janet Lay-Douglas (Con), Colin Lawrie (SNP), Derek Milligan (Lab), Diane Alexander (SNP)

All seven candidates for the Bonnyrigg ward are wanting your vote in the May 4 Midlothian Council elections, read what they have to say before you make your mind up.

Diane Alexander (SNP)

Dianne lives in Rosewell with her husband. She is passionate about her community and is a member of Tyne and Esk Writers. She said: ”There remains much work to do supporting the vulnerable in our society against the savage Tory budget cuts. If elected I am determined to work hard for my constituents and to ensure Midlothian keeps moving forward. I am fortunate that I am now in a position to give back time to the community in which I have lived, and which has given me so much pleasure, for many years.” Dianne is a keen walker and cyclist and intends to promote these activities within the council if elected

Ian Baxter (Green)

As Midlothian’s first Green councillor, my emphasis has been to work with other parties to find common ground and try to make a real difference at a time when local government is under enormous pressure. We must find new ways of working, building on common ground on vital issues such as climate change, active travel and sustainability. We are seeing many new housing developments but inadequate infrastructure to support them. Midlothian has no sustainable transport strategy to support the growing local economy. We must address these critical issues before it’s too late, otherwise we will face permanent gridlock.

Colin Lawrie (SNP)

Colin is a nurse, working for the NHS at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, married with six children and five grandchildren. He said: “I  will work hard for our community and for what I believe in and wish to have the chance to bring my passion for caring to the role of councillor.  Within my role as a nurse I am an agent of change and efficiency. My role involves  looking at best practice in other areas and introducing change for the benefit of the patients, staff and the organisation in general. I would like to use these skills for the benefit of our community.”

Janet Lay-Douglas (Con)

Janet has lived locally in Bonnyrigg for a number of years and has brought up her family there. After a career in international fashion and gaining wealth of experiences Janet is keen to make a difference to her local community and be a strong voice for Bonnyrigg and Lasswade. Janet wants to see services and infrastructure improved in her locally community and across Midlothian, and has a keen interest in improving the facilities available for children and young people. Delivering value for money from local services and standing up for local residents are Janet’s top priorities.

George McIntyre (Indp)

By voting for me you are selecting a local resident who is not tied to the diktat of political agendas. Too long have we missed out on a fair and just service because of political infighting. It’s time to take control and decide do you really want someone who is looking for a tick in their party box or someone who truly cares about his home town and is prepared to put the people first. By selecting me you will have a voice that will not be silenced by party majorities but someone who will fight for the people of Bonnyrigg, Lasswade and Poltonhall.

Derek Milligan (Lab)

After five years running Midlothian Council the SNP/Green budgets have left the council’s finances in a mess, spending over £4 million more than it has coming in. As the SNP/ Green budget used up all available reserves to fill the budget gap this year there is an urgent need to fight the cuts or reduce spending by an estimated £12 million by the end of 2017. As you can imagine this will have a serious impact on all local council services. If I am re-elected I will fight against the government cuts and protect funding for services most in need.

Louie Milliken (Lab)

My name is Louie Milliken and I am one of the Labour candidates for Bonnyrigg, Lasswade and Poltonhall area. I am 41 years old and I have four daughters. I decided to stand for election as I feel I have a lot to contribute to the area and I will stand up and fight for my community. As a fostering family, I am fully aware of challenges faced by families every day. I have been involved in community events for a number of years, and I am currently chairperson of Bonnyrigg Events Committee. For me, community means everything.