Midlothian Council elections 2017 - Penicuik ward

Penicuik candidates, top left to right: Debbie McCall (SNP), Adam Montgomery (Lab), Joe Wallace (SNP), Bottom left to right: Andrew Hardie (Con), Ken Brown (Lib Dem), Jim Garry (Green).
Penicuik candidates, top left to right: Debbie McCall (SNP), Adam Montgomery (Lab), Joe Wallace (SNP), Bottom left to right: Andrew Hardie (Con), Ken Brown (Lib Dem), Jim Garry (Green).

Read why the Midlothian Council election candidates for the Penicuik ward believe you should vote for them on May 4.

Ken Brown (Lib Dem)

Ken Brown was a leading Penicuik Councillor until the last election and was previously chairman of Penicuik Community Council. He is currently treasurer of the Penicuik Historical Society and a board member of Penicuik YMCA-YWCA. He said: “Penicuik needs a strong voice on the council. For too long the needs of the town have been overlooked - we have significant transport pressures, roads that are not being maintained and litter everywhere. As a former councillor I know how best to make an impact on the council and ensure local voices are heard.”

Jim Garry (Green)

I am committed to ensuring that local decisions can be made by local people. We need more transparency from councillors so they can be held accountable. Our more vulnerable community members have a right to dignity. The council must protect essential care services, community and leisure facilities and green spaces. I will fight for 20mph in all residential areas, increased time for people to cross at pedestrian lights, better bus services and proper facilities for cycling and walking. I would push for all new public and private housing to be energy efficient and retro-fitting of insulation to existing housing stock.

Andrew Hardie (Con)

Andrew has lived in Penicuik all his life, and knows that our community needs a strong voice so that we get the services we deserve. He served in the Royal Navy Reserve and currently works in the financial sector, he has previously stood for the council and has been a candidate for the Scottish Parliament. Andrew enjoys the countryside of Midlothian and believes that we need to do more to enhance the natural beauty of our county along with improving the infrastructure and services our council deliver. He can bring experience, determination and will work hard to improve Midlothian.

Debbi McCall (SNP)

Working in Welfare rights I have been at the sharp end of tribunal representation, taking on the then Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, and I enjoyed a high success rate for my clients, most of whom had a disability, were homeless or under threat of homelessness. I have seen firsthand how the Tory Government’s Welfare Reforms have impacted on the most vulnerable members of community and how the SNP at Holyrood has managed to mitigate some of these reforms, such as the bedroom tax. I am looking forward to using my experience to help the people of Penicuik.

Adam Montgomery (Lab)

I am standing for election on a Penicuik Labour - Penicuik first basis as I always put our community at the forefront of everything I do. It is a privilege to represent the people and organisations of Penicuik and if re-elected I will continue to work with everyone in our area as I have the enthusiasm, commitment and experience necessary to ‘do the job’. A rail link for Penicuik is a top priority and the threatened closure of Beeslack High must be opposed and I respectfully ask for your support by voting Labour and put Penicuik first as our community deserves nothing less.

Joe Wallace (SNP)

My decision to stand again for Midlothian Council is motivated by my long-held belief in social justice and fairness which I consider to be a part of Scottish culture but which has come under fierce attack from an uncaring right wing UK Government. I am determined to work for a more just and equitable society, for residents across Penicuik and Midlothian. Like many Penicuik residents, when I was first elected I had great concerns regarding the town centre. I am delighted to have been able to be a part of the efforts to revitalise the area and want to keep up the pace of continuing this work in the next council.