Midlothian Council elections: Midlothian East

Midlothian Council candidates for the Midlothian East ward.'Top row left to right - Helen Armstrong (Green), Robert Hogg (Indp), Louise D'Arcy-Greig (SNP). Bottom left to right Peter Smail (Con), Kenneth Baird (SNP) and John Hacket (Lab)
Midlothian Council candidates for the Midlothian East ward.'Top row left to right - Helen Armstrong (Green), Robert Hogg (Indp), Louise D'Arcy-Greig (SNP). Bottom left to right Peter Smail (Con), Kenneth Baird (SNP) and John Hacket (Lab)


Helen Armstrong (Green)

I have lived in Midlothian for 11 years and have been active on school parent councils and community development bodies. I’m standing as a Green Party candidate because the Greens are the only party that understands the connections between economic, environmental, social and personal health and wellbeing. It is important for Midlothian to have a thriving economy. But it is equally important that living and working conditions foster healthy communities and healthy people. Building more roads and houses on the Green Belt and farmland is not sustainable. Only the Green Party has policies that can deliver a healthy future.

Kenneth Baird (SNP)

Kenneth’s career has been in customer relations which well prepares him for dealing with the concerns of the people of this ward in a professional and sympathetic way. His passion is education and he wants to continue the progress made in Midlothian with improvement to both the quality education provided and the hugely increased number passing their exams. Kenneth is deeply concerned at the impact of Tory Westminster budget cuts which result in local budgets being cut or at best frozen. This leaves the most vulnerable in our society at risk and he is determined to do everything that can be done to protect essential services.

Louise D’Arcy-Greig (SNP)

Louise D’Arcy-Greig was born and brought up in the Midlothian East Ward and attended a local primary and high school. She has been a volunteer worker in the community for the past 20 years and is responsible for the running of a successful local teenage youth group, helping youngsters to build teamwork and leadership skills. Currently Louise works as a learning assistant in a local primary school with children who have additional support needs. If elected, Louise is committed to being ready to listen to the needs and concerns of the local community and will work tirelessly to ensure their voices are listened to and their views respected.

John Hackett (Lab)

Originally from Australia, I moved to Midlothian nearly ten years ago with my partner Tia. We have two girls Rosie and Ellie who both attend King’s Park Primary. Like you, I want my family to live in a safe, vibrant and thriving community. Since moving to Midlothian I have worked hard to make improvements in our communities. I volunteer as a board member with Melville Housing Association, vice chairman of One Dalkeith and serve as a community councillor. If elected in May, my focus will be dedicated to serving the communities in our ward and speaking up for the people of Midlothian.

Robert Hogg (Indp)

I am a community man willing to stand up and fight for the Midlothian East ward if elected after on May 4.

The public are sick of the old style politics of the SNP and Labour in Midlothian fighting each other instead of getting on with the job of working together to lessen the cuts on the public and representing the communities of Midlothian. So time for a change after five years of an SNP-led administration, let’s vote for a new breed of councillor standing up for your community. If elected I will bring a different style of debate to the council.

Peter Smaill (Con)

I am standing so that voters can send a message to the nationalists: forget a second referendum and put Midlothian first. The SNP Government is cutting our funding in real terms, so efficiency is the main way to protect services. With over four years experience as chairman of the Audit Committee of our Council, I want to offer the insights gained to the electors so that a cost-conscious Midlothian maintains key activities. Now that council tax is being raised, voters will be looking to avoid waste, and ensure responsible levels of housing development with better infrastructure planned in advance.