Midlothian Council elections: Midlothian South

Midlothian Council elections candidates for the Midlothian South ward. 'Top left to right: Catherine Johnstone (SNP), Ellen Scott (SNP), Jason Ferry (Indp). Bottom left to right: Jim Muirhead (Lab), Malcolm Spaven (Green), Bryan Pottinger (Lab), Keiran Munro (Con).
Midlothian Council elections candidates for the Midlothian South ward. 'Top left to right: Catherine Johnstone (SNP), Ellen Scott (SNP), Jason Ferry (Indp). Bottom left to right: Jim Muirhead (Lab), Malcolm Spaven (Green), Bryan Pottinger (Lab), Keiran Munro (Con).


Jason Ferry (Indp)

As an Independent Councillor I would be able to challenge decisions without being governed by party politics and make sure any new decisions are made for the benefit of everybody. I can properly represent the people and communities in the council and I want communities to again feel they are part of the processes and not just dictated to. I want all of our communities to have a proper say in what matters to them, things like policing, education, the environment, facilities and infrastructure.

I am a strong, committed person who will fight to make things better for us all.

Cath Johnstone (SNP)

In my five years representing you in Midlothian Council, the last two as council leader, SNP Midlothian have worked hard to put in place solid foundations to make our circumstances better. I grew up and went to school in Midlothian and live in Newtongrange.  My children and grandchildren live in Midlothian. We live in challenging times and like most folk I have concerns about our future, that is why I promise to commit to making Midlothian a better place and ensure I get the best value for the people I live beside not just my family but you and your family.

Jim Muirhead (Lab)

Over the next four years Midlothian faces some huge financial challenges which will require some creative, out of the box thinking and councillors to work together, cross party, to find solutions. Over the last five years there has been little progress as inexperienced SNP Councillors have focused too much effort on squabbling amongst themselves and on external, national issues, rather than focus on Midlothian. This needs to change and as someone with 14 years’ experience in representing South Midlothian I will play a positive and constructive part in this if I am re-elected by the people of Midlothian South.

Keiran Munro (Con)

Politics has been exceptionally divisive as of late and our county desperately requires new leadership. The SNP have proven that, with them, constitutional argument will always come first. Labour are too internally divided themselves to govern effectively but there is another option. By voting for me to be your councillor, even if you have never voted Conservative before, your community’s priorities will come first, every single time. I’ll work for all constituents and keep you informed at community meetings, mailings and surgeries. A vote for me is a vote to put Midlothian first.

Bryan Pottinger (Lab)

I stand for Midlothian Council once again, on the socialist principles of our party founder and first leader Keir Hardie, who stated that he stood for “worker’s rights, decent homes and equality of opportunity for all”, surely true today as it was 111 years ago. I have managed to support my community, in opposition to cuts etc, and I will continue to dedicate myself to our area, especially with all community groups. As an experienced and committed councillor I know we have challenges ahead, and in partnership with the community, I will always endeavour to deliver effective solutions.

Ellen Scott (SNP)

I understand the difficulties ex-mining communities like Gorebridge and Newtongrange have suffered and believe that this is our time to make it a better place to live, work and enjoy. I have recently retired after working 23 years with the University of Edinburgh, I have been an volunteer for many years as chairwoman of Gorebridge Community Cares. Working in partnership with our SNP councillor we have restored the Auld Gala Park to a place where children can play in a safe, wide, open and green space. Improvements are in the pipeline for other parks and sporting facilities!

Malcolm Spaven (Green)

Thousands of new private houses are being built in Midlothian when the pressing need is for social housing. This broken system is also swallowing up good farm land and open countryside that we should be protecting. The council must do more to generate extra funds to pay for local services, to find sites for new council houses and to ensure new developments are provided with local shops, surgeries, school places and safe routes for walking and cycling. If elected I will push for new ways of generating income for the council’s services, through a renewable energy company and more innovative use of council land.