Midlothian Council elections: Midlothian West


Thursday, 27th April 2017, 7:18 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:41 pm
Midlothian Council election candidates for the Midlothian West ward. Top row left to right: Stephen Blain (Lab), Ross Laird (Lib Dems), Pauline Winchester (Con), David Temple (SNP). Bottom row left to right: Russel Imrie (Lab), Kelly Parry (SNP), Andrew Coventry (Indp) and Helen Blackburn (Green)

Helen Blackburn (Green)

We continue to see local post offices, shops and pubs close down while thousands of people move into new houses in Midlothian. We must do more to ensure that proper local services are in place. We need a new approach to delivering Midlothian’s public services. My Green colleague Ian Baxter secured agreement that the council will develop renewable energy schemes to provide a new source of funds for local services. I will push for those schemes to be implemented so that we can build more council houses, pay our carers properly and ensure that our communities have the services they need.

Stephen Blain (Lab)

I’m Stephen Blain. I’m standing as the  Labour council candidate for Ward 4 which covers Rosewell, Loanhead, Roslin, Bilston,  Glencorse and Milton Bridge on May 4. I will be a strong local voice for all the people of Midlothian. I have worked in the public, and private sectors and I will bring a wealth of experience from these roles. I am passionate about local public services and I say that these must be sufficiently funded and resourced. I have worked tirelessly campaigning for the welfare of staff in the role of union steward. I will be a strong local voice.

Andrew Coventry (Indp)

As an independent councillor I will be able to put the interests of my constituents first and not pander to the needs of being a member of a political party. Midlothian is facing unprecedented cuts coming from central government. It is important we elect independent councillors. I have a proven record of professionalism and integrity. I have successfully worked with communities throughout Midlothian West to protect their interests. If elected I intend: to increase public transport, improve educational opportunities, infrastructure including roads and access to GP’s, create job opportunities throughout Midlothian, protect elderly and infirm, and campaign for the retention of Glencorse Barracks.

Russell Imrie (Lab)

Local elections should be about local issues, such as housing, schools, our facilities and our communities. The last five years has been one of frustration watching from the sidelines as piece by piece I witnessed the slow destruction of many of the services which had been of benefit to communities throughout Midlothian. In my years as your elected representative I have always considered every issue to ensure that any decision taken is in the best interests of Midlothian West. If re-elected I will continue to put your interests first and ensure that as the community grows the basic facilities are put in place to encourage social cohesion.

Ross Laird (Lib Dems)

Ross leads a local cycling group and has been a long-time campaigner on many local issues. He is Vice-Chair of YMCA Scotland and sits on the management committee of Scotland’s national archaeological festival. Ross is a former councillor and runs a communications company in Edinburgh. He said: “I will bring a great deal of experience to the council and ensure local views are heard. The SNP has left the council cash-strapped and we don’t have the infrastructure in place to support all the extra houses that are being proposed. The Scottish Lib Dems will be calling for investment, getting the basics right and delivering high-quality services.”

Kelly Parry (SNP)

My driving force for being a councillor has always been my lived experiences living here and a passion for making Midlothian West the best place it can be to live, work and learn. As a parent, I know how important it is that our children have the best education possible and I’ve been delighted to oversee the opening of new schools across the ward, Bilston Primary, Roslin Primary and the current building of the new Paradykes Primary are the stepping stones of a better future for our children but there is still work to do.

David Temple (SNP)

I am a local resident living in Loanhead with my wife and have two daughters and a grandson. I am passionate about issues such as education and protecting the vulnerable in our county. The impact of Tory Westminster budget cuts has been severe across Scotland, and Midlothian has suffered as well. I will be a strong voice for Midlothian West and will always put my constituent’s interests first and look forward to this opportunity to serve the community. I have a lifetime interest in sport, especially rugby. I am very keen to see sport in Midlothian developed and for our young people to realise their full potential.

Pauline Winchester (Con)

After five years of an SNP-led council in Midlothian we now need councillors who will put the needs of residents first. By selecting me as a councillor for Midlothian West you will not only get someone who attends council meetings, but who also attends every community council meeting possible. I am keen to engage fully with the electorate and intend to provide regular newsletters and surgeries. I will also work tirelessly for all the residents, not only for those of you who vote for me. Please give me your first vote to put Midlothian first.