Midlothian South, Conservative candidate Shona Haslam - Scottish Parliament elections 2021

On Thursday May 6 voters are faced with a choice. A choice between rebuilding our communities after the pandemic, improving education and reopening our economy or reigniting the same tired old arguments of the independence debate.

Monday, 26th April 2021, 7:00 am
Scottish Conservatives candidate for Midlothian South, Shona Haslam.

Make no mistake, next month's election will be the most important one for the Scottish Parliament, ever.

Nicola Sturgeon has demonstrated that she only cares about one thing; an independence referendum that most Scots do not want and did not ask for.

As mum to two lovely boys, I want to see a government that puts aside its own agenda, just for once, and focuses on what’s best for the next generation.

“Judge me on my record” said Nicola Sturgeon on education. Well, the attainment gap is still vast, and our education system has continued to fall in international rankings.

Other public services are under threat too, as residents in Midlothian will know all too well.

As leader of Scottish Borders Council, I have fought tirelessly against repeated cuts to our budget simply because the Scottish Government finds it easier to pass the buck.

After the strain of the pandemic, we need a government that is focused on empowering our councils to help us rebuild beyond COVID.

But if the SNP gain just four more seats next month then all that is at risk.

They will push for another unnecessary referendum.

There is only way to stop that. Vote for Shona Haslam on your constituency ballot and use your peach ballot paper to send a message to SNP and vote Scottish Conservative for recovery, not a referendum.