Midlothian South, Labour candidate Katherine Sangster - Scottish Parliament elections 2021

After the curent Covid pandemic eases, we need to concentrate on starting the hard work of rebuilding our country.

Monday, 26th April 2021, 7:00 am
Labour's Midlothian South candidate, Katherine Sangster.

That is a task that needs new faces, fresh ideas and experience outside of the confines of Holyrood.

I am a working parent who, like many other parents, soon realised that the Scottish National Party’s childcare policies sounded good on the back of an election leaflet but just don’t work in practice.

So, I campaigned for fairer access to childcare and led a campaign that got childcare on to the national agenda.

I built a movement of mums who demanded action from Government.

Our campaign successfully secured more funded childcare from Government which was a step on the road to equality.

Now, with five years plus experience in politics, I still firmly believe that policy is best made by those with lived experience and politicians need to listen and advocate on people’s behalf.

I will always put that at the heart of what I do.

Working for an MP now, every day I support people with the issues that continue to blight their lives.

I have experienced no appetite for debate on a second referendum, just a desire from people for change.

We need to elect MSPs to Holyrood who will fully use the powers of the Scottish Parliament to make people’s lives better.

Holyrood is one of the most powerful devolved parliaments in the world so let’s start talking about what we can do, not what we cant do.

A vote for Scottish Labour on May 6 is a vote for a strong Scottish Parliament that can deliver the change our communities need.