More than 3,000 EU nationals granted permission to stay in Midlothian post-Brexit

More than 3,000 EU nationals have been granted permission to stay in Midlothian, figures show.

Thursday, 23rd September 2021, 2:44 pm
File photo of an EU and Union flag held aloft in Westminster, London. PA

Home Office data shows 3,510 EU citizens had successfully applied to continue living in Midlothian by June 30 – the deadline for new applications imposed by the Government following Brexit.

Around 400 applications were submitted in the last three months of the scheme being open – 10 per cent of all requests received in Midlothian.

A total of 3,610 applications were dealt with in Midlothian, with 2,460 people granted settled status and 1,050 pre-settled status. Around ​110 applications were either refused, withdrawn, or invalid.

The highest number of applications received came from Poland (1,790), Italy (370) and Romania (250) nationals.

Figures are rounded to the nearest 10.

EU citizens with limited reasonable grounds for missing the June deadline can still apply to secure their rights.

Those who have lived in the UK for five years and meet the criteria, can receive settled status and remain in the country indefinitely.

Others who have lived in the country for less time can receive pre-settled status, which allows them to remain for a further five years. They can later apply for settled status.

Some citizens who are not from the European Economic Area, may also qualify for the scheme, for example if they are family members of EU citizens living in the UK.