MP’s controversial expenses vote no show explained

Danielle Rowley MP
Danielle Rowley MP

A spokesman for Midlothian MP Danielle Rowley has explained why she missed a controversial vote at Westminster on expenses fraud.

The Advertiser was contacted by angry constituents asking why Ms Rowley was absent when MPs passed total anonymity over expenses fraud investigations.

The Labour politician’s spokesman explained why she was not there for this vote a fortnight ago. He said: “Ms Rowley takes representing the people of Midlothian very seriously and her attendance voting and speaking record speaks for itself.

“However, not all of the duties of an MP are discharged in the House of Commons chamber and she was undertaking work on behalf of a constituent when this particular division took place.”

None of Danielle’s Scottish Labour colleagues took part in the vote. Nor did any SNP MPs participate in this particular vote.