‘Over to you’ says Midlothian Council leader

Midlothian Council Leader Owen Thompson
Midlothian Council Leader Owen Thompson

Council leader Owen Thompson (SNP) has revealed plans to give more power to communities in Midlothian to make decisions themselves.

Speaking as councillors, at the latest full council meeting, were given an update on plans to tackle the forecasted budget shortfall of £11 million in 2016/17, Councillor Thompson said: “We have made progress towards cutting our shortfall. We can’t underestimate the task at hand to ensure that these targets are met.

“I am very keen to see how communities can make more choices by themselves. And I would ask officers to bring forward at the earliest opportunity a report into how this could happen.

“I would like to genuinely devolve further budget directly to our communities for things like flowerbeds, gala days, hanging baskets, etc. I would like to see something come forward that could help with more things like this.

“We have an opportunity to make many decisions, but we should respect communities decisions and empower them to make more decisions themselves.”

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