Scotland decides 2014: independence and currency

The Scottish Parliament Building GV, Saltire, Union jack, flag, flags, independence,
The Scottish Parliament Building GV, Saltire, Union jack, flag, flags, independence,

With less than a month until the independence referendum we will be bringing you both sides of the argument in the hottest topics.

This week, probably the biggest issue in the whole debate – currency. With both sides arguing strongly over what currency an independent Scotland would have, this topic is sure to be debated right down to the wire, with the three main UK parties insisting that Scotland would not get the pound, while Alex Salmond claims it would.

Midlothian Green councillor Ian Baxter believes a currency union between an independent Scotland and the UK would work.

He said: “Of all the issues raised during the independence debate, the one regarding currency is the most contentious. And yet it shouldn’t be.

“Given that a currency union is very much in the interests of the rest of the UK, and as a result many people closely associated with the UK Government have hinted an agreement is inevitable, people still need to know what would happen if no agreement is reached.”

Conservative MSP for Lothian Gavin Brown believes if Scotland votes Yes then it can’t keep the pound.

He said: “The currency used by a country is one of the most important factors in the success of that country – it underpins almost everything from the overall economy and jobs to mortgages and pensions.

“Given the importance of the currency it is astonishing that the Scottish Government refuses to tell us what their Plan B is for currency.

“Only a few years ago they were claiming that joining the Euro was in Scotland’s best interests, while saying that the Pound Sterling was a ‘millstone’ around our necks.”

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