Surge in Midlothian indy party members

Green Party conference October 2014, new members in workshop
Green Party conference October 2014, new members in workshop

Two of the political parties which backed independence in the recent referendum have seen an increase in membership in Midlothian.

The Green party, which was pro-independence, has seen it’s number of members in Midlothian quadruple across the county from 27 to 110 since September 18 when Scotland rejected independence by 55 per cent to 45 per cent.

And Midlothian South SNP MSP Christine Grahame welcomed an SNP membership increase for her constituency from 310 to 1,300 since the day Scotland said No.

She said: “Much has been made by those in opposition parties and on different sides of the referendum campaign about how we must accept the will of the people and I wholeheartedly agree.

“It would appear that the will of the people during the referendum campaign was to become engaged in politics and many intend to continue to do so by supporting the SNP through membership.”

Midlothian Green councillor Ian Baxter believes people have been impressed with his party’s emphasis on community.

He said: “Both Yes and No voters in the referendum have told us they have been impressed with the Green party’s vision of the kind of Scotland we want to create, and our emphasis on bringing power back to individuals and communities is something people clearly want to help us bring about.”

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