This week’s gas street questions to the council

Newbyres Cresent, Gorebridge.
Newbyres Cresent, Gorebridge.

We continue our campaign to get answers for residents living on Newbryes Crescent by submitting questions on their behalf to the council.

Last week we began our ‘Word on the Street’ campaign to get answers regarding the on-going saga at the Gorebridge street, where dangerous levels of carbon dioxide were first discovered last September.

This week we submitted nine questions to Midlothian Council, which are below with their answers.

When will the residents be moved?

We don’t know the answer to that at present, nor do we know if it will be all residents or just some. As discussed, our independent experts have been working up proposals on engineering options that will provide more long-term reassurance for residents’ public health, as it is clear that the status quo is not an option given that these homes were not fitted with gas membranes underneath when they were built in 2007 to 2009. These proposals are contained in a paper provided to residents and published on our website and will be considered by elected members at a special council meeting in public on Tuesday June 17. Any recommendation or decision by elected members then has to be passed to the Incident Management Team, a multi-agency team of experts managing the public health aspects of this situation, for their consideration. Once these processes are complete, our planning will accelerate and we will be in a better position to discuss and agree details about relocation with residents based on their needs.

Where will the residents be moved to?

That will be discussed and agreed with individual residents and will depend on their needs. A multi-agency group involving the NHS and others called the Care for People group will be working with residents to ensure that their particular requirements are met and the disruption to their lives is minimised as much as possible. At present we are exploring a number of options and this work will accelerate once the detail around the final choice on what work will be happening is clear. Where people have already been moved, we have provided a mix of private lets and council accommodation, and the council will cover costs involved in relocation and take care of the details, including providing a packing service if that is what the residents would like.

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