Universal Credit split payments welcomed by Midlothian MP

Labour MP Danielle Rowley.
Labour MP Danielle Rowley.

Commenting on the report by the Department of Work and Pensions Committee on Universal Credit, Danielle Rowley, Labour MP for Midlothian, has welcomed the recommendations on split payments.

Ms Rowley hosted a Universal Credit summit in her constituency earlier this year gathering together key stakeholders and the issue of split payments, as a means to ensure cash finds its way to claimants in abusive or coercive relationships, was raised in those discussions.

It has been agreed that split payments will be possible in Scotland, but in a subsequent meeting with the Employment Minister Alok Sharma, Ms Rowley pressed him further on the issue of extending the option to claimants in other parts of the United Kingdom.

Ms Rowley said: “It is reassuring that this cross-party committee has come to the same conclusion as was reached at the meeting I held in Midlothian earlier this year.

“The rollout of Universal Credit has been marked by a failure to learn from early mistakes. By the same token the DWP should also be prepared to learn from examples of good practice.

“This simple step should be extended to claimants across the UK without further delay and the DWP should ensure Scotland is able to effectively deliver on its decision to split payments.”