Promises from applicant accepted

Hopefield residents at the site of the sports pitches.
LtoR Sara-Jayne Reid, Gareth Reid, Julie Dale, Neil  Johnstone & Jennifer Stormont.
Hopefield residents at the site of the sports pitches. LtoR Sara-Jayne Reid, Gareth Reid, Julie Dale, Neil Johnstone & Jennifer Stormont.

The latest block of homes for Hopefield in Bonnyrigg was approved last week after developers addressed concerns raised by councillors.

As previously reported in The Advertiser, councillors sent plans for 33 homes and 12 flats back to Taylor Wimpey in April, asking for clarification on the number of affordable homes to be included. Regarding the wider Hopefield development, councillors also asked officers to query the planned neighbourhood centre, the provision of a crossing connecting the footpaths in Saw Mill Path and South Chester Gardens, and the management of the local sports facilities opposite Burnbrae Primary School.

In response, the developer has promised to consult with Hopefield Residents Association about the transfer of the sports facilities to the council.

Taylor Wimpey has also committed to connecting the footpaths with a bridge. And it has submitted revised plans for the neighbourhood centre. In the meantime it has promised to improve the appearance of the undeveloped site.

And the affordable homes percentage has been clarified and satisfies the criteria set by Midlothian Council.

As already reported in the Advertiser, Hopefield residents’ concerns about broadband provision have been partly met with the promised upgrading of cabinet 56.

Speaking at last week’s planning meeting about the sport facilities, Councillor Derek Milligan (Lab) said: “I think that’s critical to us agreeing this. I’m not going to go against this today.

“It looks like we maybe now have an applicant that would take a reasonable sized unit in the neighbourhood centre. It’s great to see that commitment from Taylor Wimpey and I look forward to seeing that come forward.

“I’m also happy to see the bridge to link up the pathways from one side of the estate to the other side. I saw through the Advertiser that Taylor Wimpey has agreed to upgrade the broadband, and that’s to be welcomed.”

Green councillor Ian Baxter said: “I’m like minded.

“On the broadband issue I would like to record my thanks for the planned upgrade of cabinet 56. But I think another cabinet is going to be needed. As just because this cabinet will be upgraded it doesn’t mean everybody can get fibre broadband.

“I don’t think we can go back to Taylor Wimpey or any other developer on. But it’s just something we need to be aware of, to put pressure on (BT) Openreach to provide more cabinets.

“Generally speaking, yes, I’m pleased with the amendments that have come forward in this application and I will not be rejecting it.”