Pupils’ Holyrood date

A GROUP of Newbattle pupils visited the Scottish Parliament last week to debate the future of their school before seeing MSPs debating in the main chamber.

The Newbattle Sky Sports Living for Sport group were first given a tour of the Parliament. They then took their place in one of the building’s meeting rooms where they were then engaged in a debate about the new school and what they would like to see in it. Local MSP Colin Beattie then arrived and the whole group engaged in an even more heated debate on how the school week should be made up.

Newbattle’s head of PE Bob Foley, along with Community PC Lynne Cochrane, was in attendance with the pupils. He explained more about their day and the group behind the trip.

He said: “Mr Beattie was superb with the pupils. And they asked him more questions than he could have imagined!

“The behaviour, the attitude and the uniform of such a diverse group was a credit to the pupils, the school and Midlothian. After our debate, we went to sit in on an MSP session discussing disability rights – the pupils were fascinated.