Push for antenatal classes

A Dalkeith woman is calling on local mums-to-be to join her antenatal classes to take the fear out of childbirth and better understand their bodies.

Tuesday, 13th March 2018, 6:49 am
Julia Iddir, who runs an Antenatal class at Loanhead Centre on Thursday evenings.

Julia Iddir started her Daisy Foundation active birth Antenatal classes and workshops at Loanhead Centre in January, to educate women and their partners with all the information they need about the process of labour and birth.

She said: “Mums-to-be should get involved. There is a big missing ingredient when it comes to pregnancy.

“Perinatal mental health is a very serious issue, with at least one in five mothers suffering from some form of mental health issue during pregnancy or after birth.

“There are many factors involved in this, but having a continuity of care and support and a supportive group of peers is one of the keys to making the transition into motherhood gentler.

“Another, is having a real understanding of the process of labour and birth, and what we can do to encourage and support our body and our mind through this time.

“For many women, their only knowledge of birth comes from the horror stories told by the lady on the bus or a colleague at work, and this leaves women anxious and worried about their own birth experience.

“When you understand what your body is doing it’s a little less scary. Knowing what you can do to help your body deal with it can be a big help.

“It also gives mums-to-be an opportunity to socialise. Getting your tribe. A group of women that can be there for you when you need them.”