Pushed over the hedge

Raymond is pictured in his back garden with the problem hedge behind him.
Raymond is pictured in his back garden with the problem hedge behind him.

A Mayfield couple who have been complaining about a neighbour’s hedge for 12 years are at their “wits’ end” with Melville Housing Association.

Trisha (63)and Raymond Staszek (69), both retired, contacted the Advertiser after Melville Housing finally got round to tidying their neighbours’ garden after 12 years of complaints, only to leave the boundary hedge untouched.

Trisha said: “This has been a problem since the previous tenant passed away. We had an agreement with him that we each kept our side tidy. My husband is turning 70 soon so he can’t cut it anymore.

“Now it’s just overgrown. The fact that they cut the hedges and left the boundary is not good enough.

“We have a letter from Melville saying that it is a problem. This is the first time they have actually acknowledged that they are going to do something about it. It’s taken 12 years to cut the hedges around the garden so we have no faith that it will be finished.

“There are two tenants up the street who got letters from Melville saying they have to tidy their gardens up. But they pass this garden and think ‘why do we have to tidy up and they don’t’. It’s different rules for different tenants.

“We are at our wits’ end. I’m certainly not able to cut the hedge. So it’s only going to get worse.”

A spokesman for Melville Housing Association said: “We have been dealing with this matter since June, but, for a number of reasons, sorting out the issues has taken longer than we would have liked. We’re sorry that it hasn’t happened more quickly but we are taking the necessary action to resolve the problems raised.”