Quit smoking support

midlothian: For those wanting to stop smoking there is a free government scheme to help you kick the habit.

The one million smokers in Scotland, account for around 23% of adults. The Scottish Household Survey 2009/10 estimated that there were 16,850 adult smokers in Midlothian.

In 2011 the NHS smoking Cessation Service revealed that 1,541 of them made attempts to quit with their help, 3.8% of the county’s smoking population.

Claire is a 47 year old receptionist who smoked 30 cigarettes a day from the age of 14. After a series of health problems, Claire decided it was time to quit smoking. She contacted Smokeline for help and advice. The team at Smokeline put her in touch with a local smoking cessation team, and she attended local group sessions to get help to quit. That was six months ago, and Claire hasn’t had a cigarette since.

She said: “I tried once to give up on my own, but I lasted no longer than half a day. This time, I contacted Smokeline who gave me fantastic advice and support.

“I couldn’t have quit smoking - and stayed smoke free - without the local cessation group.

“I feel great now! And the money I’m saving is incredible.”

For free help stopping smoking, contact Smokeline on 0800 848484. You are more likely to stop smoking with the right help. There are many options to choose from including local stop smoking sessions, one to one support, products such as patches and gum, local community pharmacy support and the or visit www.canstopsmoking.com