Quiz show has latest season finale


Mastermind (Friday, 25 April, BBC2, 7.30pm)

What’s It All About? It’s the hottest seat in television, but the spotlight is landing on the famous black chair for the last time (in a short while, that is), as TV’s most gruelling quiz show, Mastermind, wraps up another series.

Of course the big question for this final is who will keep their nerve in THAT black chair? Only time will tell as John welcomes back the six successful contestants who will attempt to answer questions on specialist subjects Scottish lighthouses; the life and works of Richard Wagner; the Italian Front in the First World War; the life and poetry of Philip Larkin, French cinema 1895-1945 and the Salem witch trials.

No doubt the contestants will simply be happy for few minutes in the chair - and even happier when it’s all over. Oh, and in case you were wondering about the most famous component of the show itself (aside from the theme music), it’s an Eames Soft Pad Lounge Chair.

Look Out For: The look of relief on the contestants’ face when it’s all over.

2012 Mastermind winner Gary Grant says: “I felt a sense of happiness and achievement,yes, but oddly the main emotion was relief. in the final”.