Railway boost for Shawfair

Shawfair, looking West towards the park & ride
Shawfair, looking West towards the park & ride

Large-scale development at Shawfair is back on track thanks to a much-anticipated construction boom ahead of the Borders Rail line

Plans to build a town centre and around 4,000 houses beside a new rail station had stalled as a result of the
economic downturn after 2008.

However, the proposals are now set to roll forward as part of the new Midloth-ian Local Development Plan (LDP).

The plan concentrates on key planning policy changes since the current 2008 local plan was adopted and one significant proposal for
future development puts forward an estate of up to 700 houses at Newton Farm, while the footprint of Shawfair business park is set to 
increase by 20 hectares.

The plan also includes the building of a primary and a secondary school to serve the Danderhall/Shawfair areas.

Council Leader Bob Constable (SNP), said: “We’re in no doubt that new train stations at Shawfair, Eskbank, Newtongrange and Gorebridge will help deliver major economic and social development opportunities – including encouraging new homes to be built.

“In the next ten to 15 years, an estimated 10,000 homes could be built or completed along the Border Rail