Raising a glass to Midlothian’s lunch venues

Midlothian Food and Drink Awards
Midlothian Food and Drink Awards

The Midlothian Food and Drink Awards boasts a new category this year for the best cafe lunch venue.

The steering committee introduced the grouping after realising that local cafes and self-services establishments would struggling against full service restaurants.

Steering committee member Gordon Hodgson said: “Last year as the awards became more popular, all of a suddent we had a number of cafe restaurants which were self-service applying in the lunch category.

“The problem was they were up against full service restaurants. It’s just not appropriate as they will never win because of the way it is judged. We are not comparing apples with apples.

“In addition, the outside caterer category is very difficult to judge so in agreement we have replaced the outside caterers with the cafe lunch category to allow for those gus who open at lunchtime but don’t necessarily do dinner and may well be self-service or counter service.

“We have created this separate category so all these places who mostly do quick counter service with really good fresh food offering local produce can be recognised properly.”

The awards are supported by the Midlothian Tourism Forum and Midlothian Council.

Nominations for your favourite pub, cafe or restaurant can be made up to April 24. Voting is online through the forum website - www.visitmidlothian.org.uk