Raven reunited with family

Raven, the black Lab, who went missing from Loanhead for four days
Raven, the black Lab, who went missing from Loanhead for four days

Raven, the adventurous black Labrador, has been reunited with his family after a four-day flight of fancy in countryside around Loanhead.

The 18-month-old pup ran off early on Sunday, July 5 prompting a huge search of the surrounding area involving family and friends.

A massive social media campaign attracted good wishes from as far afield as Canada.

Owner Margie Suthven, who has had Raven since he was 10 weeks, explained a neighbour had taken Raven for a walk and had stopped to go into the newspaper shop at Mayburn Avenue.

When the neighbour came out and began to untie Raven from an advertising stand, the pup became spooked and bolted.

“He ran up the grass verge and turned into Mayburn Court. He was still dragging this metal sign and went through the access (to Mayburn Terrace). That was when the sign came off,” she said.

Margie and her partner Andy Watt started searching his usual walking spots including Straiton Pond without success.

At one stage police contacted the couple, who live in Mayburn Court, to say a black Lab with red collar had been found in Musselburgh. It wasn’t Raven but they were able to reunite this dog with its owner after seeing a posting on Facebook.

Andy added that the eco campaigners at Bilston Woods notified him of a sighting of a black Lab. Again it wasn’t Raven but they were able to reunited this dog with its owner too.

Two days after Raven went missing there were reports of a sighting in Lasswade Road.

In the meantime, Margie’s daughter Natasha Yourston was co-ordinating the social media campaign raising awareness of the missing pup through Facebook and Twitter.

Early last Thursday morning, David Simmonds decided to follow up a lead of a sighting at Wadingburn. He spotted Raven at Drummond Grange Nursing Home and chased him back to Loanhead where workmen helped capture the adventurous dog.

Overwhelmed at the support from the local community Andy added: “Raven lost 3kg and we don’t know what he’s been eating but we took him to the grooming centre at Pets at Home so he’s been showered, bathed and nails done. We’ve also had him at the vet.

“Honestly, it was an amazing feeling to get him back.”

Raven’s next big adventure will be as ring bearer when Andy (54) and Margie (45) tie the know on July 9 next year.