Recycling whizz kids cut school costs in Newtongrange

Recycling whiz kids, Niamh, Cassie, Connor and Bailey
Recycling whiz kids, Niamh, Cassie, Connor and Bailey

A group of pupils at Newtongrange Primary have saved the school £800 a year thanks to their recycling skills and knowledge.

The enthusiastic team is promoting the correct ways to recycle food, packaging and plastic at lunchtimes.

The school has even set up its own ‘waste sorting station’ in their dining hall.

Nine-year-old Niamh Fox said: “We started a new (recycling) system in October and in our class, we all started doing it but the teachers asked us to help the P1s because they are not used to it.”

As Niamh and Cassie MacKay were particularly adept at sorting the waste, they recruited Connor Stewart and Bailey Lockhart to help the smaller pupils at lunchtimes.

The school’s efforts have made a huge difference to the level of waste going to landfill.

Prior to their recent work, the school sent 4,600 litres of waste to landfill each week and separated 1,100 litres of waste for recycling. Now that they have nearly halved the amount of waste they send to landfill to just 2,400 litres each week and they separate 2,200 litres of waste for recycling – along with a 240 litre bin for their food waste.

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